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*Art as Prophetic Voice: Redefining the Role of Christian Art (Scott Laumann)
*Conversational Evangelism- Being Missional and Human (Marti Clark)
*The Myth of the Emerging Church: Point/Counter-Point (Spencer Burke & Paul Martin)
*Compassion in Action: Loving the Least (Crissy Brooks)

WORKSHOPS AT NON-CON 08 (from 2pm to 3pm on Saturday)

*Art as Prophetic Voice: Redefining the Role of Christian Art (Scott Laumann, Heather Wright, Bill Burgess).
Artists, like the Old Testament prophets, should be voices crying out in the wilderness, provoking our community to repentance, drawing those in darkness towards the light, and pointing the way forward into greater awareness of the Divine. Today's artist of faith is confronted with challenges ranging from a subculture of isolationism, to a narrow definition of what constitutes acceptable subject matter and style. A stimulating discussion about what makes art prophetic and "Christian" and how our own subculture strangles the Spirit of creativity itself.

*Conversational Evangelism- Being Missional and Human (Marti Clark)
Too often our methods of sharing the faith we have in Christ with others is crippled by rehearsed dialog, pre-printed tracts and insincerity. Is there a better way to introduce my friends to Jesus? Join Marti Clark, regional advisor for ALPHA ministries (SoCal), in a liberating discussion about how to live our faith every single day, sharing naturally with people in conversations lead by the Holy Spirit.

*Compassion in Action: Loving the Least (Crissy Brooks)
A detailed look at how to overcome challenges encountered with serving the marginalized and outcast in our community. This discussion will range from the basics of why we serve others to the deeper issues faced by practitioners of justice on the front lines. Those who have spent years in compassion ministry will benefit from this dialog, and those who have not yet taken the step will be enlightened by the experiences, testimonies and information shared.

*The Myth of the Emerging Church: Point/Counter-Point (Spencer Burke & Paul Martin)
Over the last few years a new movement within Christianity has developed. It has been marked by new ways of seeing, thinking and talking about the faith. Some believe that the Emerging Movement is the face of tomorrow's Church, while others see it as a detour for those on the fringe.

This "Point/Counter-Point" discussion will be an open dialog exploring the Emerging Church. Is it the coming tidal wave that will transform the shape of the Church of tomorrow, or is it simply another tiny ripple in the ocean of our faith?

Paul Martin, founding director of Soul Survivor Ministries, USA, and Spencer Burke, founder of "" and author of various books on the Emerging phenomenon, are both leaders and former pastors. They are also good friends. Join them for a spirited, but friendly, discussion of what the Emerging Movement is really all about and add your voice to the conversation.

NOTE: This is not a debate but an open dialog designed to allow people to share perspectives and ideas as loving members of God's Family. No one will "Win" or "Lose" this discussion. Please do not come expecting, or bringing, an argument. Instead we invite you to listen critically and think clearly about the issues that are discussed and share your own insights. Everyone is invited to model what it means to disagree agreeably and to love one another regardless of perspective.

**Details Subject To Change


JACKIE PULLINGER is the author of the book "Chasing The Dragon" which chronicles her amazing real-life adventures as a young missionary in China's "Walled City". She has devoted her life to loving the least and caring for people living on the streets of Hong Kong. Through her ministry and life God has been instrumental in leading hundreds of former prostitutes, gang-members and drug addicts into a new way of life in Christ.

DAVID RUIS and his wife, Anita have been involved with church planting and worship leading for several years. Their latest adventure has been in Hollywood where they are helping to pastor a church called "Basileia". David has several worship songs published that are quickly becoming standards in Church worship. These include "You're Worthy of My Praise" and "Every Move I Make." His lastest book, "The Justice God Is Seeking" was recently published by Regal Books.

KEITH GILES currently pastors a house church called "The Mission" in Orange, California with his wife Wendy and their two sons. For over 17 years he's been a licensed and ordained minister, and a published freelance writer. Previously he's worked for Vineyard Music Group, and Soul Survivor, consulted for Arms of Love, and ALPHA and produced several other conference events over the years. He has a deep concern for issues of social justice, spiritual formation and living the Jesus kind of life. His new book, “The Gospel: For Here Or To Go?” has recently been published, along with a collection of his articles on spiritual formation called “Nobody Follows Jesus (So Why Should You?)”.
His online blog is at

CINDY RETHMEIER has been an active member of the Vineyard movement for over 27 years. She has authored over 30 worship songs, including I Bow Down, Exalt the Lord, I Want to be Like Jesus and Good News. Formerly a Vineyard pastor, she currently serves as one of the main worship leaders for the Anaheim Vineyard, and is an active lay leader involved in a variety of pastoral ministry and service roles. She has been married for 26 years and has two grown children.

JOHN THOMAS and his wife Lindy moved to Southern California to join Soul Survivor Church about a year ago. Since that time, John has been active as a teacher, pastor and in leading worship at Soul Survivor's Sunday service and other national youth events. He is currently the main pastor of Soul Survivor Congregation.

SCOTT LAUMANN is a fulltime professional artist living and working in Orange County. Over the past decade, his work has appeared in multiple national exhibitions and he has completed work for clients such as Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Warner Brothers and UCLA. Through the use of varying media, his work explores issues of beauty, order and contemporary culture to encourage the viewer to consider the existence of a spiritual reality. He is currently preparing work for future gallery shows in 2008.

CRISSY BROOKS is the Director of MIKA CDC, a community development organization that partners with local churches to help strengthen the bond with local families in order to produce real, lasting, life-long change. They work with children, teens, adults and entire families to find real-life solutions to real-life community issues.

MARTI CLARK is the Alpha USA Regional Advisor for the Southern California area and an Off the Map colleague. She is a practitioner of conversational evangelism and has been leading, teaching and training others to share their faith in more natural, conversational ways.

HEATHER WRIGHT is a wife, mother of three, and accomplished artist, all at the same time. Her work has appeared in several local and national exhibits. She has a passion to reach those outside the Church with art that communicates to the human soul, transcending language, culture, and bias to speak Truth.

BILL BURGESS has written music and produced video for Apple Inc. NBC, Discovery Channel and Miramax Films. He's also produced dozens of his own video and music projects and contributed to the production of several independent films.

His specialty is as a composer in the uber-nu electronic music styles of Minimal, Progressive, Electro House, Left Field and Down Tempo. His musical incarnation, known as "Glimmer Channel" combines live drumming with provocative original video and pre-recorded electronic loops.

Visit him online


PAUL MARTIN grew-up Roman Catholic, and is now worshipping in a traditional Anglican Church in Southern California. He spent ten years in the Christian music publishing industry (Vineyard Music and Maranatha!). He is a former pastor and founder of Soul Survivor Ministries, USA. Today, Paul is consulting with a group of national leaders on the creation of think tanks that will address historical divides between the faith and scientific communities. He is also writing a book on epistemological and metaphysical missteps he sees in the emerging church movement. He holds two degree in analytic philosophy from UCLA and Talbot School of Theology. He is faithfully committed to his wife and three children, and resides in Orange County, California.

SPENCER BURKE is the founder of and author of "Making Sense of Church" and is a frequent speaker at national conferences around the world on issues of emerging church, shifts in culture and post-modern Christianity.